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Keller Williams Seneca

How to Find Us

Our Mission Statement

We have an invaluable skill set in buying and selling real estate in the lake region of upstate South Carolina.
You will GREATLY benefit from our expertise in achieving your real estate goals.

Use the map below to find our office. If you need additional help locating us, just give us a call, and we’ll help you out.

Street Address

Keller Williams Seneca – Keowee North
1243 Stamp Creek Rd
Salem, SC 29676

We are located on Highway 123 in the Seneca area, convenient to all the neighboring Lake Keowee Communities. Contact us today so we can begin our real estate realtionship. We look foward to the opportunity to provide you with great service.

Become a client and hire a buyer’s agent to represent you!

You’ve flown in for the weekend from out of town to an area that you’ve never seen before. Would you buy a car from the first Sales Exec you met, who doesn’t work for you, without visiting competing dealerships and looking at other makes and models? Remember, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have (gained by working with an Independent Buyers Agent), the greater the chances are of making a well informed purchase decision.

An Independent Buyers Agent can begin working with you before you come to the area. By hiring an Independent Buyers Agent (an agent who has fiduciary responsibility to you), you’ll receive the big picture; in depth information about the area, distance to urban centers, education, the competing developments, the community, the residents, the climate, etc, etc, etc. Once you arrive, you’ll be shown more than one development and you’ll be better equipped to make an informed evaluation and purchase decision. Don’t experience “buyer’s remorse”.

Imagine how you’d feel if, after you’ve purchased (and spent hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions), you find out there’s another property, perhaps a resale home or home site, at a more attractive price, just around the corner. What if you found out there’s an entirely different community just down the lake that is better suited for your lifestyle? An Independent Buyer’s Agent will take the time to show you all your options – you’ll be very glad you hired one.