Lake Keowee Real Estate Market Report (End of Year 2023)

Looking for the most in-depth insight into the Lake Keowee luxury real estate market? With a focus on Lake Keowee properties that accounts for about 98% of our sales, our more than two decades of specialization in these unique properties in this extraordinary area have given us deep insights and knowledge. We’ve compiled everything you need to know in our Lake Keowee 2023 End of Year Market Report.

This report is the perfect tool to keep you ahead of the curve in the Lake Keowee real estate market. It’s packed with detailed statistics and trends that could inform your next big decision.

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Over the last twelve months, the real estate market has undergone considerable transformations, predominantly driven by a trend of rising interest rates. This upward movement in interest rates prompted many property owners to retain their properties, preferring their existing low-interest loans over the prospect of navigating the market with higher rates.

This decision by many homeowners resulted in lower inventory levels, evident in our year-end data: there were only 35 waterfront homes, 43 interior homes, 62 waterfront lots, and 131 interior or off-water homesites available as of December 31, 2023.

This represented a significant decrease in available properties, indicating a tighter market where fewer options were up for grabs. However, this contraction in inventory didn’t lead to a stagnation in property values. Despite the reduced inventory, the Lake Keowee real estate market dynamics led to a continued—albeit slower—rise in property prices throughout 2023 compared to the boom experienced between 2020 and 2022. Specifically:

  • Prices for waterfront homes increased by 3.75%, but the number of such homes sold decreased by 9.8%.
  • Interior homes saw a very marginal decrease in sales prices by 0.30% and a more notable 12.64% reduction in the number of homes sold.
  • The market for waterfront homesites showed a significant average sales price increase of 44.05%, accompanied by a 15.67% decline in closed sales.
  • As for interior homesites, prices escalated by 22.98%, but there was a stark drop in sales volume, with exactly 100 fewer lots sold, equating to a 64.52% decrease.

Again, this trend was different from the explosive growth seen in the years between 2020 and 2022, yet it was indicative of a robust market that resiliently responded to changing economic conditions. The real estate market, particularly in the Lake Keowee area, has shown a remarkable ability to adapt and evolve in the face of shifting economic landscapes.

Navigating the real estate market, particularly in a unique area like Lake Keowee, can be complex. Naturally, this process often benefits greatly from the guidance of real estate professionals who specialize in the area and have a deep understanding of its particular market dynamics.

Lake Keowee’s market may be influenced by factors such as seasonal demand fluctuations, specific to areas known for their natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Properties here might attract not only local buyers but also those looking for vacation homes or investment opportunities. This broader range of potential buyers can add layers of complexity to the market dynamics.

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Additionally, the unique features of properties in Lake Keowee, such as waterfront access, views, and the quality of amenities, play a significant role in determining their value. Unlike more uniform suburban areas, each property in Lake Keowee can vary greatly in terms of what it offers, making the appraisal and valuation process more complex.

For buyers, navigating this market means not only understanding these valuation factors but also being aware of the additional responsibilities and costs that might come with owning property in such an area, like higher maintenance for waterfront properties, or fees associated with community amenities.

Sellers, on the other hand, need to be acutely aware of how their property aligns with current market demands. They must consider how unique features of their property, like dock access or proximity to local attractions, can be highlighted to attract potential buyers. Additionally, sellers need to be mindful of the timing of their sale, as market interest in such areas can ebb and flow with seasons or economic trends.

Seasonal Influences on the Market

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A General Overview, Not Absolute Rules

It’s important to note that while the Lake Keowee real estate market does exhibit certain seasonal patterns, these are general tendencies rather than strict rules. Market dynamics are influenced by a myriad of factors.

Fluctuations in interest rates, changes in the job market, and shifts in the national economy can have a more immediate and powerful impact than the time of year. For instance, an economic upturn can spur real estate activity regardless of the season, just as an economic downturn can dampen it. Seasonality is just one piece of a complex puzzle.


Spring is a time of rejuvenation in the Seneca area. The natural beauty of the region comes alive, making it an attractive time for property showings. This season often sees an increase in buyer interest, as warmer weather encourages people to explore new properties.

The blooming landscapes provide a gorgeous backdrop, enhancing the appeal of homes and making it an ideal time for sellers to showcase their properties. For buyers, it’s an opportune moment to witness the area’s charm in full swing.


Summer at Lake Keowee is synonymous with outdoor recreation and vibrant community life, attracting a surge of potential buyers, especially those looking for vacation homes or investment properties. This season is typically the most active, with higher demand often leading to a more dynamic market.

For sellers, it’s an advantageous time to highlight waterfront amenities and outdoor living spaces. Buyers can experience the lifestyle that accompanies owning a property in this lush, recreational haven.


As the leaves change color, our area showcases a different aspect of its natural beauty. The fall season brings a peaceful ambiance to the area, attracting buyers who appreciate this quieter side of lake life. The market remains steady, with serious buyers looking to settle before the winter. This period is ideal for showcasing properties with striking autumnal views and cozy features like fireplaces, which can appeal to buyers looking for a year-round residence or a tranquil retreat.


While traditionally quieter in terms of sales activity, this season offers unique advantages. For sellers, it’s a period to prepare and plan for the busier months ahead, potentially addressing any necessary renovations or improvements to enhance their property’s appeal.

For buyers, the winter season provides a chance to conduct thorough market research and prepare for the spring surge. Like Fall, also a time when the quieter side of Lake Keowee can be fully appreciated, showcasing the peaceful side of the area away from the bustling summer activity.

General Tips

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While individual circumstances vary, here are some universally applicable tips that can assist both buyers and sellers in making informed decisions:

  • Research: Whether you’re buying or selling, thorough research is crucial. Understanding local market trends, property values, and the historical performance of the area can guide your decisions. Utilize reputable sources and consider consulting with local real estate experts.
  • Consider Market Timing: While it’s impossible to perfectly time the market, being aware of current trends can influence your strategy. For instance, if the market is experiencing low inventory, sellers might find it advantageous to list their property, whereas buyers might need to be prepared for more competition.
  • Financial Preparedness: For buyers, ensuring financial readiness is vital. This includes having a pre-approved mortgage, a clear understanding of your budget, and awareness of additional costs like closing fees, taxes, and insurance. Sellers should also be aware of potential expenses such as home repairs, staging costs, and agent commissions.
  • Realistic Pricing: Sellers should price their properties based on current market data, not emotional value or need. Overpricing can lead to a longer time on the market. Buyers should also have realistic expectations and understand that lowball offers in a competitive market might not be successful.
  • Professional Guidance: Working with experienced real estate professionals can provide valuable insights and assistance. They can offer advice tailored to your specific situation, help you understand the paperwork and legal requirements, and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Flexibility and Patience: The real estate process can be unpredictable. Buyers may need to be flexible with their wants and needs. Sellers might have to be patient while waiting for the right offer. Flexibility and patience can be beneficial in achieving a successful transaction.
  • Long-term Perspective: Consider your long-term goals and how your real estate decisions align with them. Whether it’s a home for growing a family or an investment for future returns, keeping a long-term perspective in mind can guide more prudent decisions.

Lake Keowee Luxury Real Estate

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If you’re eyeing property here, chances are you’re already at least somewhat savvy about the real estate world. It’s likely you’ve been through the process before, and know your way around a real estate transaction. That’s great! But no matter how seasoned you are in the real estate game, there’s always something new to learn, especially in a unique real estate market like this one. This is where tapping into some local expertise can really make a difference.

Real estate markets can have unique local attributes that aren’t immediately apparent, even to seasoned buyers or sellers. Our area, with its specific appeal as a luxury lakeside community, has market dynamics and trends that are distinct from other upscale areas—even within Upstate South Carolina.

The Cason Group’s Lake Keowee luxury real estate agents can provide insights tailored to this particular market, including nuanced information about specific neighborhoods, development plans in the region, or even changes in local regulations that could affect property values.

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Real estate markets are dynamic and subject to change due to a variety of factors, including economic shifts, changes in local demand, and even environmental considerations. Even those who are well-versed in real estate might not have the most current information—or may lack the time to continually monitor these changes. In such cases, the expertise of local professionals who are deeply rooted in the Lake Keowee real estate market can be invaluable.

The Cason Group

While you might already have a solid grasp of real estate if you’re looking to buy or sell in the Lake Keowee area, teaming up with The Cason Group can provide that extra layer of insight—helping you navigate the market effectively and make well-informed decisions.

If you have an interest in Lake Keowee luxury homes, our extensive experience is at your disposal. With nearly all of our sales concentrated in this region, our detailed End of Year Market Report reflects over twenty years of specialization; breaking down data for key areas such as The Cliffs, The Reserve, and Keowee Key.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or a homeowner considering selling, our report offers insights that can help you navigate the market. With detailed analysis of market trends, price shifts, and inventory levels, this report is crucial for anyone interested in Lake Keowee luxury real estate. To see the complete picture, click here for the full report!

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