CBS names Greenville S. C. as ONE of the Top Cities to Visit in the WORLD!

The folks that live in our area are only 45 minutes from this unique and progressive  cosmopolitan city.

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg gave Greenville quite the shout out during an appearance on “CBS This Morning” Saturday.

In a segment on top travel destinations of 2015, Greenberg featured Greenville as a top U.S. spot, calling it “the new Austin.”

Greenberg highlighted the city’s rapidly growing dining scene with100 new restaurants opening along Main Street in the last two years, hiking and biking options, and affordability.

Peter Greenberg’s list covers everything from Denmark to Egypt and Los Angeles is the only other U.S. city to make the list!

The downtown area boasts a huge entertainment arena and the Peace Center…a venue for all sorts of music and cultural events.

A beautiful Riverwalk connects the downtown with the extensive park and the walking and biking trail system called the “Swamp Rabbit Trail”. The city’s central park is called appropriately “Falls Park” for  the impressivewaterfall and river meandering through the city.

It also boasts both adult and children’s museums and an extensive and well populated  Zoo.

It is Time YOU Discover Greenville!